Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Stuff Dreams Are Made On

According to Mark, when I'm having a nightmare, I start breathing deeply and very erratically. He knows then to wake me up and relieve me of my chasing monsters.

Well early this morning, Mark detected the scared-person breathing pattern and kindly woke me with a "Corinne, you're having a bad dream."

The thing is, I WASN'T having a nightmare. I dreamed that I was in a kitchen store and I was looking at some beautiful cherry wood cutting boards the size of small card tables. Apparently they were pretty exciting.


Sarah said...

Well, now Mark knows what to get you for Christmas! Great story. BTW, dinner was delicious! 24 hours later and it's ALL gone. Loved it. :)

jen said...

lol! that's hilarious!

Nellie said...

Corinne, you really need to do another post!!!