Monday, August 31, 2009

Yes Indeedy I Have Been Remiss...

...but I have a colossal excuse. We had no internet for the summer. That's right, no internet. Our Turkish neighbor went home, that is, to Turkey for the summer and we share internet with him, wireless internet that comes out of his modem and says you have been sucessfully connected to MK Cafe and your signal is "very good." Thus we had no internet for the summer. Forgive me now?

Now it is time to consult our camera (thank you again, Mom and Dad Rodman) to tell us what we did this summer.

Looks like we went to the Oregon Coast in June to teach Family Camp music for Reformation Covenant Church. Pastor Steve Wilkins taught on the family and marriage in a distinctive southern accent. It was fabulous. In fact, almost as good as the music my hubby taught.

We were really there!

So was Mount Hood.

And some bright green moss.