Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Done Day!

Mark is finished with the first year of his conducting master's!

If you think that now he's slacking off, let me fix that. He's writing his master's thesis over the summer on the harmonized settings of Genevan psalms published in England after the exile of the persecuted Calvinists (1560-1620).

To celebrate Done Day, I made a special dinner of mushroom-Swiss burgers, strawberry spinach salad and Texas sheet cake. Mark loves cake, almost as much as tracking down obscure hymnals and transcribing their Genevan settings into modern notion!

Mark has worked incessantly on his studies and still managed to lead our marriage by the still waters this year. He scored straight As on his voice juries (just like last term!) and has earned equally high marks on his papers. I'm so proud of you Mark - Thank You!

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Terri said...

Congratulations Mark!