Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buckle up...

...because this is a doozy of a post! "Where the ox treadeth out the corn, the manger is not clean." In other words, when Mark is working hard on another master's degree, I don't use (or even see) the computer.

Without further ado, I present: MARCH AT A GLANCE (or at least what I took pictures of).

Philadelphia welcomed us with open, warm-weather arms as we arrived to see Mark's sister Erin and her husband Michael and their son, Shea.

Shea has flannel jammies and likes to cross his feet.

He also likes the train tracks Uncle Mark builds him.

We visited the musicologist Dr. Peter Jeffery at Princeton University, NJ. The most impressive part of campus? Metered parking was only $.30 an hour (which would earn you 12 measly minutes on the WSU campus.)

Mark looking just like the handsome intelligent man that he is.

We also visited an eminent Bach scholar named Dr. Don Franklin at University of Pittsburgh. I played the organ of 4,700 pipes at Heinz Chapel (funded by Mr. Ketchup himself) in Pittsburgh catty-corner to his office.

We chilled at Grandmother's in Connellsville, PA and ate Uncle Todd's birthday cake.


We had the Dimelers and Mortimores over and I used the Great Outdoors as my walk-in refrigerator, which works just fine when it's 35 degrees out, even in the sunlight.
The Mortimore children brought us hand-painted original works of art, which we are saving until they become famous and we make a killing profit, all for having them over to dinner once.

I bought a baby-size carton of buttermilk at Dismal Dissmores because I'm a sucker for quaint single-serving size and it was only $.69.

Hazel Schuiling came over and ate Mark's nose.

Little Charlie Dimeler had his baby shower.

Look at his forehead wrinkles!

I put all the blue and white books in the built-in shelf for an "Artistic Statement."

More on our Spring Break foray to Pennsylvania to come, including AUDIO EVIDENCE that I did indeed play the Heinz Chapel organ.


Nellie said...

Great post! Thanks for the March madness. I was really looking forward to it!

Elizabeth said...

I miss you guys! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing all of your fun! Great photos!