Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We're in Philadelphia enjoying 60 degree weather!

We arrived in Philly on Monday night and headed up to Pottstown to Mark's sister's house, driving a Toyota "Rave."

After a jaunt up to Princeton to consult a music professor on some contacts, we're back to playing with Shea and catching up with Erin and Michael.

Tomorrow night dinner is at Vince & Tony's where the best pizza in the U.S. is served. We need our yearly fix.

On Friday we're uprooting to Pittsburgh for the weekend where Grandmother lives. We'll get to see Mark's other sister and his parents too.

The best part is: it's warm. We're unthawing.

Pictures forthcoming - I forgot the camera-to-computer cord.

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Elizabeth said...

60 degrees?!? Not fair - but glad you're having a good time and can't wait until you're back!