Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Laird Park with Schuilings and Dimelers

About two months we went camping with our some of our best comrades: Keith, Nellie and Charlie; and Jason, Liz and Hazel. Laird Park, just north of Potlatch, comes highly reccommended. Not too big of a campground, is next to a river with beach for swimming, is cheap and even has a cool may-pole thingy where you grab onto metal handles dangling from chains and swing yourself around. (Sort of like tether ball, if you were the tether ball.) We had a lovely spot next to the river which lulled the kiddos to sleep (all night!) and provided a back-up refrigerator.

Keith, Jason and Mark smoked pipes and offered intelligent comments on the world's problems.

Liz made us delicious tacos for dinner which for some reason I don't have a picture of, and Hazel went mostly without clothes to stay cool.

Charlie got tuckered.

And Mark put grapes in his eyes (?)

Liz, I think it was your pink sleeping bag that did this to him.


JForster said...

Looking good with those grapes! I like it!

Jason said...

I still giggle that that was the sleeping bag that Jason grabbed. I LOVED Mark's reaction....I promise to not bring that one this weekend or if we do, you can use it instead of Mark. :)