Friday, January 23, 2009

Gives New Meaning to Rear-End Collision

Over at Femina, Rachel has a great post in praise of grocery fun at WinCo (Stands for "Winning Company" in case you're wondering).

Which reminds me that I love grocery shopping too and that's where many of my adventures happen.

Take Monday, for example. As you all know it was Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, and apparently all the college students celebrate their day off by heading to the Grocery. I found myself in rush hour traffic down the produce aisle.

Well, I was breezing past the citrus section, pondering the price of lemons as opposed to the limes and not paying nearly enough attention to the front end of my cart. Confident my stash of lemons was holding out nicely and I didn't really need more, I once again gave my attention to the cart traffic - just in time to watch myself run my cart right into the behind of a poor, unsupecting college guy in front of me. He was in the "lean" category and my collision was enough to launch him forward with an audible "Whoaah" and ram the person in front of him!



Keith and Nellie said...

Oh dear! Thanks for sharing that. I'm glad I'm not the only person who does things like that. Happy shopping, Corinne.

Elizabeth said...

Hee hee!